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RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller display Can roll standard or FAT rolls and is made using a specially produced natural hemp composite plastic that is then formed through an innovative eco-friendly cold-injection process.  Even o...
Cyclones Hemp Cones Made from all-natural hemp these Cyclones are a cut above the rest. Cyclones have created the perfect flavor system for these flavorful babies known as the Triple-Dip system. The proprietary Triple Dip flav...
Cubano Ultra-thin Rolling Papers Enjoy 24 of the largest cones on the market with the Cubano Cones Box. Each Cubano Cone can hold over 8 grams of dry herb, making these cones perfect for large gatherings like festivals or campi...
High Hemp Organic Wrap Cones Natural   High Hemp Organic Wrap Cones are made with the same all-natural 100% Hemp paper as High Hemp Organic Wraps; made from sustainably grown European hemp, and imported from the Netherlands. Fe...
Cone Display Packs The all-new rebranded Afghan Hemp pre-rolled cone packs.  Features: King size: 24 packs per box - 3 cones per pack = 72 cones  1 1/4 size: 24 packs per box - 6 cones per pack = 144 cones #AFGpapers If y...
Pure Hemp Pre Rolled Cones 1000 Bulk Box These cones are made from Pure Hemp paper that's 100% natural, unbleached and chlorine-free.You should also consider them as a substitution for RAW 1 1/4 Hemp Cones when those bulk packs...
POPZ for Blueberry Burst, a fruity flavor cherished by many and envied by all. This classically sweet taste has already stood the test of time proving itself worthy of praise.
Zig Zag’s Organic Hemp rolling papers are some of the finest hemp rolling papers on the market! The papers are made in an environmentally-friendly manner, with paper that’s 100% renewable, organic, and completely unbleached. Ea...
Zig-Zag is one of the most popular and well-known rolling paper brands, making them legendary in the smoking world. Zig-Zag has been around for over 100 years and maintains their reputation with consistency and quality. Zig-Zag...
 Lion Rolling Circus Ultra-thin 1 1/4" Rolling Offer a unique packaging with quality papers. These papers are slow-burning and made with natural gum, so your rolls will stay in place while you enjoy your legal smoking herbs. T...
Vibes Hemp 1 1/4" Size Rolling Papers The Vibes Hemp 1 1/4" size rolling papers is the ultimate paper to smoke with. Made in France and cut in the Dominican Republic, this creates a very high quality paper. The Vibes rolling p...
 Juicy Jay's 1 1/4" Size Rolling Paper Pineapple Flavor Pineapple & Cream Flavor Infused Rolling Paper 24 Booklets per Display 32 Sheets per Booklet
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