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Lookah Unicorn Portable Electric Dab Rig   The Lookah Unicorn is the next generation of e-rigs. This portable electric dab rig provides the most efficient and enjoyable dabbing experience. Painstakingly designed and developed...
The Puffco ProxyTM is a portable, modular vaporizer that provides broad flexibility for your dry herb consumption experience. Dry Herb tradition meets innovation with an elegant, ergonomic glass pipe that cradles the Proxy’s un...
Who’s The Starry 3.0 For? The Xvape XMAX Starry 3.0 is for anyone looking for a quality portable vaporizer at a great price. Full digital control, a pocketable size, swappable battery, haptic feedback, a magnetic, zirconia mou...
About the Puffco Peak & Peak Pro Colored Travel Glass The Puffco Travel Glass is back and adds a new depth to both the Peak and Peak Pro experience. Our patent-pending design lets you lock in water just by twisting the mou...
About the Rokin Stinger Electronic Nectar Dab Straw The Rokin Stinger is our newest vape and is the most powerful electronic dab straw on the market! No longer will you need to rely on the older, and not always reliable, concen...
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Welcome to the dabbing revolution. No atomizer, just dab! Daab™ provides a sleek, induction heated handheld rig that’s discreet & portable, for the perfect hit, every time, anywhere, at any temp!  The daab™’s patent-pending...
Features: 1000mAh Battery Instant Heating Coil Ceramic & Quartz Tip For Concentrates Micro USB Charging OG Vapes Big Dipper The big dipper by OG Vapes is an electronic nectar collector that can be used without a torch. I...
DaVinci IQ Battery Always a good idea to have an extra battery on hand to swap in-and-out of your IQ Vaporizer. 
Highlighting Clean First technology, Temperature Control, App Connectivity, Replaceable Battery, and USB-C charging, this dual use vaporizer has it all. Featuring: Type C Charging Airtight Zirconia / Glass Vapor Path LED Grid...
Lookah Seahorse Pro Nectar Collector Replacement Replacement Ceramic o Quartz   Features: Lookah Seahorse Pro Nectar Collector Replacement Tips Quartz - 5 Pack Lookah Seahorse Pro Nectar Collector Replacement Tips Ceramic - 5 ...
The Yocan Regen Wax Vaporizer is one of the latest wax concentrates vapes from manufacturer Yocan.   Yocan has been the home of affordable vaporizers that boast high-quality builds and relatively high-quality components. That...
The Trident Laser Bong by Hitoki works in a fashion akin to how using sunlight and a magnifying glass is used to burn flowers with a concentrated beam of light. This laser combustion process provides a healthy alternative to th...