Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig - Luna Glow

Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig - Luna Glow

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Category: Electric Dab Rigs

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Light up the night with the RöK Luna Glow! This limited edition release is the best-selling portable dab rig promising rolling waves of flavor from a neon green glow. This release is paired with cosmic green borosilicate glass accessories, including a base jar, downstem, bullet, and herb carb cap.

This electric dab rig features two silicone collars, a carb cap tether, USB cable, and cleaning tools to complete this all-in-one kit designed for both concentrates and flowers. Dance in the light of the moon with the Luna Glow! Limited Edition Lime Green replacement parts available for the Luna Glow: Base Jar, Herb Carb Cap, & Oil Carb Cap!

  • 1 - Dabber Tool
  • 2 - Wire brushes
  • 1 - Herb Carb Cap
  • 1 - Wax Carb Cap
  • 1 - Coil-less quartz V2 atomizer cup
  • 1 - Coil-less ceramic atomizer cup
  • 2 - Silicone atomizer collars
  • 1 - USB charging cable
  • 4 - Crud Bud alcohol-filled cotton buds

Features & Specs

  • 6.75 inches (17.14cm) tall
  • Dual isolated air paths
  • Three voltage settings
  • 30-second 'RöK Mode.'
  • All-metal body
  • Coilless quartz V2 wax atomizer
  • Ceramic herb atomizer
  • Boro glass beaker base
  • Disc percolator
  • Carb caps (for concentrate & herb)
  • One year warranty