Twisted Hemp Wraps

Twisted Hemp Wraps

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Twisted hemp wraps makes tobacco & nicotine-free hemp wraps that change the game for blunt smokers. Every single package contains 4 flavored Hemp wraps that feature a slow burn without the harshness of tobacco. Each display box comes with 15 foil pouches totaling 60 individual wraps. Twisted Hemp wraps come in 7 classic flavors and 4 100% organic flavors, so your smoking sesh is as natural and flavorful as the last. Get your wrap lovers into hemp wraps for a slow and smooth burn.

  • Plain Jane
  • Blue Banana (Blueberry Banana)
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Grape Burst
  • California Dream
  • Endless Summer - (Mango Pineapple)
  • Blue Raspberry Cherry
  • Sweet

Twisted Designer Blends Hemp Wraps

  • Organic Just Hemp
  • Organic Honey Citrus
  • Organic Vanilla Smooth
  • Organic Hang 10 Mango
Twisted Hemp Designer Blends Premium Hemp Wraps is the latest creation from Twisted Hemp. Taking the original blend and enhancing it to what the smoking community has asked for. The Designer Blends line is the purest Single Sources Hemp available, which sets us apart from the competition. These designer blends added natural flavors, make the product NON-GMO, and include new Twisted cut edges to ensure a perfect seal when rolled. 2 premium tips for each pouch. Get Twisted!

Twisted Hemp Wraps

Knowing the best hemp wraps to buy is a tough decision because of the many options available on the market today. Some are made from artificial materials while some are made from 100% hemp plants and can absolutely change your smoking game. 

If you need an all-natural hemp wrap to make your smoking sessions more enjoyable, then the Twisted Hemp Wraps should be at the top of our shopping list.

Hemp Wraps

Twisted Hemp Wraps are organically made from pure Canadian weed plants, making them free from harmful substances. Like many other rolling papers, twisted weed wraps come in different flavors that leave nothing but a sweet experience for every smoke.

They are among the highly rated brands that produce good quality natural wraps for smokers who want a fun and more personalized sesh. 

Each pack of blunt wrap contains four rolls of weed wrap in any preferred flavor. The wraps are super easy to roll and also suitable for beginners. 


As stated earlier, Twisted Hemp Wraps are available in a variety of natural flavors, including Sweet, Grape Burst, Plain Jane, Tropical Breeze, Endless Summer, California Dream, Blue Banana, and Blue Raspberry Cherry. 

These weed wraps are made to enhance and improve the taste of the blunt papers. They basically add more flavor to the herbs enclosed in it to give your strains a more appealing taste. 

Burn Quality

Twisting hemp wraps burn slowly. The slow-burning rate allows smokers to enjoy a gradual and satisfying smoking experience.